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sofa. something i can stretch out on! woman: ooh... that will go with those lamps my mother gave us. or we could get some new lamps. or we could get no sofa. negotiating, eh? you got it! how about a nice home for our tv? how about doors to hide that drive-in theater? how about a cowhide rug? yee-haw! and the snacks? get their own place. let the marathon begin! this is fox 5 news at 10:00. an alleged drunk driver behind the wheel of this out of control car, tonight we are
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learning more about the people she sent to the hospital. a dangerous disease putting dozens of seniors at risk. what's being done to keep them safe. plus he says he's calling off a burning of the qur'an now that the new york city mosque is being moved. just one problem, the imam at the center of that controversy says there's no deal. but we begin with this shocking scene. hanks thanks for joining us. i'm maureen umeh. >> and i'm laura evans. it was just over 24 hours ago this car jumped off the road, hit two women and ran right into a d.c. restaurant and the driver behind the wheel was way over the legal limit. fox 5's wisdom martin is live to start us off tonight. >> reporter: that car gan, but the mess remains in front of the is gone, but the mess remains in front of the restaurant. the two women who were hit remain in the hospital fighting for their lives and the driver faces serious charges of driving while intoxicated and aggravated assault.
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according to charging documents, chamica adams was intoxicated when she hit julie backliner, a student at johns hopkins and melissa basque before crashing into a restaurant. her blood alcohol content was .18, more than two times the legal limit. d.c. police say 23-year-old adams seen here in handcuffs was driving a 2007 dodge charger southbound on 18th street when she hit two women standing on a traffic island. police say adams continued across florida avenue, jumped the curve, hit a tree and ended up inside the front of the karen restaurant. ben mooley's restaurant is right next-door. >> i checked through the door, came out through the door. i saw the big white car inside there. then the restaurant next-door, which is karen's store, and there are two bodies lying down here. >> reporter: adams was not hurt, but police say one of the pedestrians suffered a broken pelvis, a fractured skull and
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serious head trauma. the second pedestrian sustained fractures to her face, a broken leg and bleeding on the brain. both victims who were in their 20s were on the ground in front of mooley's restaurant. >> i'm not going to sit people outside anymore like i usually do and i'll be scared to when there's fast cars or a lot of noise. i'll be traumatized. >> reporter: a judge ordered adams into the high intensity supervision program. she will have a curfew and not be allowed to drive. we're also told adams does not have a prior record. she has not been arrested before. so she doesn't have a criminal record. the judge says in addition to not being able to drive, she is not allowed to have any alcohol. >> thank you. a metro access driver arrested after a customer claimed he sexually assaulted her. samuel kingston is employed by a subcontractor used by metro. the victim says kingston sexually assaulted her august 27th in montgomery county. he was arrested sunday charged
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with third and fourth degree sex offense and second degree assault. new tonight a health alert at an assisted live centering in frederick maryland after an outbreak of legionnaire's disease. two residents at the center have been diagnosed. bob barnard with the details. >> the source of legionnaire's disease is unclear, but even the hope's owners assume it was somewhere inside -- home's owners assume it was somewhere inside their facility. home to 80 seniors tranquility at fredericktown is an assisted live centering where last week two residents got sick later diagnosed with legionnaire's disease. >> they seem to be handling it very well as far as informing the families and taking extra precautions. that's all i know about it. >> reporter: the patients were treated at frederick memorial hospital and released said to be in good shape. >> we can't say for certain where those cases contracted, were exposed to legionnaire's, which is a bacteria, but we do know there are two confirmed
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cases. >> reporter: frederick county's deputy health officer says legionnaire's is a naturally occurring and treatable bacteria often found in the plumbing systems of large facilities. >> most people even if exposed to it may get the bacteria in your body but never develop the disease. >> reporter: she says most get infected inhaling water vapors. so as a precaution the nursing home is not allowing residents to shower or wash their hands with tap water. using bottled water instead. >> we've gotten letters and they've also i can definitely attest to the bottled water and the extra precautions not using silverware or dishes and that while the water problem has been going on. >> reporter: the nursing home's spokesman says they're assuming the bacteria was here and have gone above and beyond the health department's suggestions for testing and treating their water system. he says 10 other residents here showed signs of illness but have tested negative for
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legionnaire's disease. >> there are people that are at higher risk when they're exposed to it to developing illness and those individuals tend to be those who are elderly, those who have chronic diseases like cancer, diabetes or individuals that have a weakened immune system so they can't fight off infections as well. >> reporter: legionnaire's disease is a bacterial pneumonia and therefore, doesn't spread from person to person. the folks at tranquility say their water system was tested, then cleaned and tested again now awaiting those test results. >> thank you. a teenager gunned down in the street this weekend has died. 15-year-old justin pannell was shot on central avenue in capitol heights tuesday night while riding his bike home. he died yesterday and tonight his family is asking anyone who knows or saw anything to contact police. >> anything you needed he'd do it for you. you'd get on his nerves, i still love you, man.
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that was my ace. it was my ace. they took my little brother from me. >> if you got some type of heart, turn yourself in. >> police tonight are still looking for a motive and possible evidence. family members tell us pannell's bike and ipod were stolen. only five more days until the d.c. primary and a new poll out today shows vincent gray leading adrian fenty by 11 points in the race for mayor. it comes as allegations of buying votes were made against the fenty campaign. now the greg campaign asked for an investigation. we have the story. >> reporter: rudolph williams says he was approached by who he thought was feign it i campaign worker who offed him a temporary job working -- offered him a temporary job working for the campaign if he'd first vote for fenty. he claims they even offered him a ride so he could register and vote early. >> they told us we had to vote because that's the application to get the job. >> reporter: you wouldn't get the job unless you voted? >> right.
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>> reporter: but several days later when he thought he was supposed to start his job, he claims there was no employment as promised. so he says he called fenty's campaign office. >> when i called, i was upset that they promised us jobs and they did not give us jobs. >> reporter: today the mayor shied away from the allegations saying so far there isn't much proof. >> until someone comes up with a specific name and a specific allegation, let's get back to talking about the issues. >> reporter: fenty points out all of his campaign employees know better. >> this is an unspecific allegation. there is no -- no one has given us any name of anybody who did this. we do training of all of our people, let them know you cannot exchange anything for vote. >> reporter: can you give us a description of van or the person? did you get a name? >> i can give you a description of the van which is a white van that's got green stickers on it that say fenty all over it. >> reporter: what about a name of paren working? >> i don't know the name of the person that's working. >> reporter: chairman gray says he is asking for a full investigation into these allegations.
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>> there are very few things that are more sacred than the voting process and we want to make sure that it's fully preserved in the step? >> reporter: also the board of elections and ethics -- in the city. >> reporter: also the board of elections and ethics is taking a look into this case. >> we will refer the allegations to the authorities. federal laws do apply. >> reporter: williams said he didn't speak out in hopes of getting someone in trouble. he just was hoping for a job he was promised. >> i just thought that we was misled and we was wronged and that was it. >> coming up in our next half hour we'll take a closer look at the race for d.c. mayor and the issues driving voters at the polls this election year. two former d.c. council members will join us live with their e 10:30 -- state of the city at 10:30. breaking news right now, a federal judge in southern california ruled the military's ban on openly gay service members is unconstitutional. the judge says the government's don't ask, don't tell policy
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doesn't help military readiness and instead has a direct and deleterious effect on the armed services. president obama said he will work to appeal that policy. major development in the qur'an controversy that captured attention all over the world. the pastor who planned to burn qur'ans on 911 canceled -- on 9/11 canceled the event and now says he's going to new york to talk to the imam who is wanting the mosque built. >> reporter: plans to burn the qur'an to mark the anniversary of the september 11th attacks has been suspended but not called off. pastor terry jones said he will fly to new york and try to convince the imam who plans to build a muslim community center and mosque near ground zero move it to another location. >> if they were willing to either cancel the mosque at the
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ground zero location or if they were willing to move that location, we would consider that a sign from god. >> reporter: however, imam faisal abdul-rauf said he has not spoken to pastor jones and plans to move the mosque are untrue. in a statement the imam said, "we are not going to toy with our religion or any other, nor are we going to barter. we're here to extend our hand and build peace and harmony." the obama administration stepping in as secretary of defense robert gates placed a call expressing his concern. imam mohammed musri who appeared with pastor jones said religious tolerance will always be part of the american way. >> i want to send a message today to the muslim world that the united states still and will always be the place where people of all faiths and all colors can co-exist in peace, that the right of muslims in
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this country -- rights of muslims in this country are respected. >> reporter: pastor jones hopes the imam will listen to what he has to say. >> the american people do not want the mosque there and, of course, muslims do not want us to burn the qur'an. >> reporter: the imam said moving the mosque away from ground zero will be an attack on islam. not in my backyard is what one community is telling a mother/daughter team. the trouble? they want to open an adult shop in the downtown strip. plus customs officials seizing a suspicious item that someone tried to smuggle through dulles. you have to see what they found. finally the feel of fall here in d.c. all across the region in the 60s tonight headed for the 50s, but the weekend looms ahead. we desperately need. i've got some showers coming. fox 5 news at 10:00 will be right back. ♪
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dulles custom agents with a snail of a otale about what th found in someone's luggage.
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[car horn honks] our outback always gets us there... ... sometimes it just takes us a little longer to get back. ♪ we are following more breaking news tonight, this
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time out of philadelphia. police are responding to a shooting at a kraft foods plant in the northeast section of that city. officers say three people have been shot. their conditions are unknown at this hour. police say a woman was pulling the trigger inside the plant. she is now in custody after calling 911 from inside the building and then later turning herself in. so far it is unclear if she worked at that plant. we do know about 100 people were inside when the shooting began. we'll continue following this and keep you posted as soon as there are any new developments. is it just another small business that deserves a chance or a sex shop moving into old town manassas? the store is opening on battle street and it's creating a lot of talk tonight. fox 5's roz plater explains why. >> this is one of those hot button emotional issues in this small town, so much so the mayor called for a special session of the city council and more than 200 people showed up. he says the question boils down to not whether it's legal, but is it appropriate?
10:17 pm
the battleground is old town it manassas and this time the war is over this adult novelties store coming to battle street. some folks say it just doesn't belong here. >> it's kind of a family place and it's not really somewhere you would go to get your adult dvds and things like that. >> smoke and mirrors, smoke and mirrors. you know what it is. we all know what it is. it's a sex shop. >> reporter: the sign says kk's temptations will offer adult dvds, lotions, lingeries and more, but it's the and more that has folks buzzing. the owners say don't expect anything more racy han those in- home adult novelty parties. -- than those in-home adult novelty parties. in fact, the mother daughter daughter duo said that's where the inspiration comes from. >> if there were more places like this, there would be less infidelity and less divorce.
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keep your marriage spicey. >> reporter: some residents think all the talk may be a moot point. >> if they want to open it up, that's fine. nothing in that location ever stays open. i'll give it a month. >> reporter: but the city said the owners had the appropriate license and met the zoning requirement. no one under 18 will be permitted to enter. they've gotten lots of e-mail support and have every intention of forging ahead to an october opening. >> everything we've been told from council and the city attorney, we're moving forward. >> reporter: the owners say they plan to have a tasteful lingerie display in the window, not much different than you see at the mall at a store like victoria secret. a case of road rage ends with a driver pulling a gun on tuesday during rush hour in woodbridge on horner road near garfield place. a man says another driver cut him off at a stop sign. they both got out of the cars and had words and the man who cut him off pulled a gun.
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no shots were fired. some people consider them a delicacy. others think they're down right gross, snails. what about the kind that grow to be 8 inches? someone tried to smuggle several of them into the country through dulles international airport. fox 5's beth parker reports on the unusual find. >> reporter: how would you like to sit next to these guys on an international flight? they're giant african snails. >> not every day you see that coming into the country. >> reporter: but 14 of them showed up on an x-ray at customs at dulles international airport over labor day weekend. at first the female passenger traveling from fauna said she had nothing to -- ghana said she had nothing to declare. >> we gave them an opportunity to change that declaration verbally and they said yes. >> reporter: the chief agriculture specialist at dulles says they see snails from time to time. >> a lot of times they've been cooked or boiled usually out of the shell, but this time they were still alive in the shell. >> reporter: this time they
10:20 pm
were wrapped in a plastic bag with no breathing holes, but most of the snails survived. >> they're resilient. >> reporter: customs wants to keep these snails out of the united states because they're known to cause economic damage. they destroy crops. in fact, they eat more than 500 different types of plants. >> they do feed on pear, papaya, cabbage, lettuce and oranges. >> reporter: holmes said the snails will destroy on a busy day. they routinely see food and plants. >> we take it very seriously. >> reporter: he thinks people may not realize what they pack could pose a danger to others. at dulles international airport, beth parker, fox 5 news. >> just in case you wondered, you can be cited for failure to declare prohibited items. the fine is $300 if you pay at the airport it. can be as much as $1,000 if you have to go to court over it. breaking news coming to us
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out of san francisco where a raging fire is destroying homes there in the san francisco suburb of san bruno. you can see the flames shooting 20 feet in the air he we understand. residents heard a -- air we understand. residents heard a loud explosion about 6:00 tonight. we're told this is mostly a residential neighborhood. again in the suburb of san francisco called san bruno. no other details are available, but we will stay on top of this situation and bring you the latest as to evacuations or any people or things that might be in danger in the area, but again huge flames roaring through that neighborhood in san francisco, more details as we get them. the worst fire in colorado's history still burning out of control tonight, the flames eating more than 100 homes leaving behind piles of ash. we are taking you to the front lines tonight. plus we've all been there before suffering through a dinner out with a screaming child at the next table, tonight one restaurant owner takes action and it is sparking outrage. who will end the cronyism
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and bring our city together. vince gray. his economic development plan will help expand small businesses and create jobs. his record of reform and accomplishments earned him the praise of newspapers across the city, citing gray's leadership and efforts to pass education reform and expand early childhood education. vince gray -- he cares. he listens. he'll be a leader we can trust and the mayor we need for one city.
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tonight boulder, colorado, is preparing for wildfires that could spread into the city. right now the flames are still about 5 miles away, but people who live in the city have been warned prepare to evacuate. strong wind gusts tonight are expected to fan the flames that have already destroyed well over 150 homes. we have the latest. >> reporter: the 4-mile fire destroying more homes than any other in colorado history, more than 170 buildings and 10 square miles of land burned so far. firefighters say with wind gusts up to 60 miles per hour expected this evening this fight is far from over. >> all it takes is one spark outside and that's a new fire and with the winds tonight it could be off to the races. not saying that it will. it takes a chain of events to get that to happen. >> reporter: emergency officials saying the fire has been 30% contained, many on the front lines having to choose which homes to save and which
10:26 pm
to sacrifice, firefighters trying to secure as many homes as possible even while working in their own communities. >> where i was they were deployed down in the 4-mile canyon area. they knew from my radio transmissions the fire was hitting their community. their heads down doing their job. they have an assignment protecting homes. that's what they were doing. firefighting is a safe business. heroism is a term i don't identify with. >> reporter: today authorities briefly lifted evacuations in certain neighborhoods but only long enough for residents to get in, get some of their belongings and get out. fox 5 digging deeper into the race for d.c. mayor taking on your top two issues, have things improved in the last four years? want to shop green, our money team on the case finding you deep discounts. d
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no oil has flowed into the gulf for weeks, but it's just the beginning of our work. i'm iris cross. bp has taken full responsibility for the clean up in the gulf and that includes keeping you informed. my job is to listen to the shrimpers and fishermen, hotel and restaurant workers and find ways to help. i was born in new orleans. my family still lives here. bp is gonna be here until the oil is gone and the people and businesses are back to normal... until we make this right.
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you're watching fox 5 news at 10:00. in just five days d.c. voters go to the polls. the main event? the race for d.c.'s mayor, adrian fenty versus vincent gray, a heated battle playing out in the nation's capital and tonight we are looking at the state of the city. the two top issues driving voters in this race, education and crime. in a recent washington post poll 89% of voters said education is an important issue in deciding who they will vote for. 86% said crime is also important. here to take a closer look at the state of the city, two former d.c. council members kathy patterson who represented ward 3 from '95 to '07 and kevin chavez who served ward serve from 200to to 2004 -- 2002 to 2004. thank you both for being here
10:31 pm
tonight with us. let's start with the issues that are most important to voters. as i mentioned, education and crime, the biggest in this race. we know under fenty's watch test scores are up, crime is down. would you say, kathy, let's start with you, the district is better off today than it was four years ago? >> i think it's fair to say our schools made some progress and i think team fenty and the chancellor have at least given credit to their predecessors on that score, some of the basic word done on standards standards, new curriculum, test prep that are put into place under the predecessor under cliff cheney. we are seeing some progress and some issues that still need addressing. >> i know, kathy, you ran on education was important to you and important to kevin chavez as well. let's get your take on this, mr. chavez. crime, education, are we better four years later? >> there's no question about it. there's been a lot of progress made in both areas. in fact, i think all the
10:32 pm
polling including the washington post polls suggest people feel pretty good about the city and our progress on those issues and frankly this race isn't about any of the substantive issues. it's more about the personalities involved. >> in a fox 5 poll on our website we put that question to viewers, is d.c. better off today than four years ago? 67% of respondents say yes, 33% say no. so what gives here? why is fenty struggling in this election and you just sort of alluded to that kevin chavez. let's get more into why fenty is hurting so badly here. >> i'm mindful of sort of a timeless expression, people may not remember what you say or do, but they will always remember how you made them feel and frankly, the voters aren't feeling mayor fenty right now. he has not made them feel warm and fuzzy about some of the good things he's done and he has done several good things and i think that's reflective in the polls and that's one of the challenges he faces as he's trying to get this message across to the voters. >> kathy patterson, has he
10:33 pm
rubbed people wrong way? is this a case of style versus substance? >> i think there is some of that, absolutely. when you stop to pause and take the temperature of the folks you're working with, i think that can be an issue and it's really tough for voters who really want to sort of sort things through and think through what is different, what has changed, what is better, but i think voters react to personality, to how they make you feel and whether you're listening to them, those things are important to voters. >> you talk about folks we work with and folks that fenty worked with, the city council. now six council members have come out to endorse vincent gray. last week mary cheh became the sixth council member endorsing gray. what does that say? kathy, let's start with you. >> i think council member cheh has developed a strong working relationship with chairman gray. i think that speaks well with both of them, but i don't think endorsements frankly mean that
10:34 pm
much to voters individually. i think people tend to make their own judgments and decisions. i think the fact that you have a lot of council members doing endorsements, what i've seen in the past on this council, a lot of folks tend to pay attention to those polls and sometimes it behooves somebody who is an elected official to reflect the poll in his or her own decision making. i think you see some of that in some of these races. >> this might be an appropriate time to ask who you are endorsing in this race as a former council member? >> i am not doing public endorsements. i voted saturday. kevin and i were just talking about that. >> kevin chavez, same for you? >> absolutely. i'm focused on the chairman's race. >> can you comment on what that endorsement of mary cheh means here? i think they've had a history of argument is, mayor fenty and the council. >> i think one of the complaints you hear from voters and council members is this feeling of not being included and some of the high poll of
10:35 pm
fights be it the baseball tickets or having government officials, people show up at hearings, i think it is reflected in some of the endorsements of council members and we all have to remember when we serve the people they are the ones who are most important. you can be all the way right and all the way wrong at the same time if they don't feel part of what you're doing. >> what does the mayor of d.c. have to do going forward in a couple of sentences, kathy patterson? >> i think the mayor, current mayor or new mayor, really needs to help work together with the d.c. council. i think you'd get a lot farther with a collaborative effort. we have saw that in the previous administration with mayor williams. i think particularly with some of the financial issues the district will face it's really critical to have that executive and legislative branch working together. >> mr. chavez? >> i totally agree. a huge issue kathy and i live through control board and the
10:36 pm
financial difficulties the city faced years ago and we borrowed hundreds of millions of the treasury. both the mayor and council have to account for that and the new mayor has to face that dead on. >> thank you both for sharing your perspective on this race. it's going to be interesting watching it in five days. fox 5 and are your home for the d.c. race for mayor. you can head to our homepage to find polling locations and check out the debate between ron mow ton and marion barry earlier -- ron moten and marion barry earlier this week. think going green costs too much green? our money team says think again. weaver working to find you the best deals around coming up and ever wished your favorite restaurant would ban screaming kids? one has and at least one mother has a big problem with it coming right back. d thh 
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fox 5 staying on top of breaking news coming to us out of san francisco. the san bruno suburb is where you can see a raging fire in a residential neighborhood. we're told at least 12 homes already destroyed by that fire. residents report hearing a loud explosion at about 6:00. there is an airport near that facility, but an airport official says a small plane did not go down as had been speculated earlier. you see there the flames tearing through that neighborhood. in fact, they've had to use a fire plane to help douse the flames. that's the kind of plane you use when you're fighting wildfires, but again you see the scene out there just unbelievable. the flames ripping through a residential neighborhood. we have not heard of any evacuations, but you've got to imagine they have told residents to leave considering what you're seeing out there. these flames began about 6:00 tonight flames shooting 60 feet
10:41 pm
in the air. that is the report we're hearing from that area again, this scene unfolding in san bruno which is a suburb of san francisco tonight. of course, we continue to get information on this fire and we will bring it to you as it's happening, but a very tense situation and certainly firefighters working to get a grip on it. more details as they become available. controversy brewing between a restaurant owner and a north carolina mom and it's heating up. her child is autistic and she took offense when the eatery posted a sign saying "screaming children will not be tolerated." the mother said the sign singles out autistic children and violates the americans with disabilities act. >> she says i have an autistic child and you're singling them out and i said autism is not a word that's on that sign, ma'am. she looked at me and she said i can't even believe you take him in public. you must be the only one who does. >> the restaurant owner says she has no plans to take down
10:42 pm
that sign. tonight on the news edge shocking details revealed in a lawsuit, a special education student claims a d.c. teacher got her pregnant and that's only the beginning. what the student accuses the school system of doing at 11:00. plus metro putting the brakes on a plan to cut the cost of a smart trip car, oversight that nearly created a huge problem. and she was dubbed a femme fatale in the russian spy case. now she's cashing in on her sex appeal and may try to get a powerful new job, the details on news edge at 11:00.
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we need some rain and it looks like some may be in the forecast this weekend. i'll have the timing next. ce
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a lot of people would like to shop green, but finding eco friendly products at a good price can sometimes be a challenge. fox 5 reporter melanie alnwick found a way to go green and get a discount with an organization that started right here in d.c.
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>> reporter: inside greater goods on d.c.'s u street. >> this is an outdoor solar lamp. >> reporter: -- there's a storeful of green products. >> water bottles, lunch bgenera you reduce your impact overall. >> reporter: customers can reduce the impact on their wallets, too, if they belong to the organization live green. >> we offer discounts for cleaning products, personal products and soap, detergent for all live green members, at least 10%. >> reporter: live green was founded by steve mah in 2008 as a way to support fledgeling green businesses that were sprouting up in the city. now -- >> those besss are growing and expanding. -- businesses are growing and expanding. we're growing and have hired full-time staff. >> reporter: there are now 50 green spot businesses offering the member discount. mah says they check out the companies and focus on businesses that offer practical
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products and competitive prices. >> the point is, you know, green living is so important, but we want to make it a lot easier for people to truly choose green options. >> take a nice deep breath for me. >> reporter: here's another deal diehl you can get your hands on, 40 to 70 -- deal you can get your hands on, 40 to 70% off eco friendly services through green backs program. message is this week's deal. >> i think we're booked already for the weekend. >> reporter: beth uses organic oils, efficient lighting and green cleaning in her spa. green backs is giving her business a boost. >> it's going to get people in to get a great message and see the amazing work and keep coming back. >> reporter: that's how the whole circle of support is supposed to work. feeling almost fall-like out there. i almost thought i wanted a sweater tonight when i went for my walk. >> you'll feel like that later
10:48 pm
tonight and tomorrow morning. >> kids on the playground were wearing fleece this morning. >> they'll need it tomorrow morning. i think tomorrow morning will be cooler. i left a bunch of window open. i'll be freezing. it's wonderful to have this nice change, gives everybody a big shot of energy and we keep it going through the weekend. so that makes everybody happy, too lots of things going on in town this weekend. that big redskins game, too. live look outside and we are 70 in the district, but we're one of the only places still at 70. most people are in the 60s and what a nice change it was. check out the high temperatures we hit today. 81 degrees in d.c., yesterday 96, dull lets 79, so nice to -- dulles 79, so nice to get this change in town continuing through our weekend. it is also very dry. we will see the low dew points helping us get into the 50s and some 40s out there tonight. so it's feast or familiar in for us, right? we have a tropical storm that
10:49 pm
weakened to a depression. we think igor will regain hurricane status in the next couple days, but it's way out in the atlantic. we're desperately dry around here, 18 days since we've had measurable days and counting. some showers now in the forecast primarily overnight into sunday, maybe lasting till about 1:00, 2:00 in the afternoon it. looks like they'll be gone for the redskins game. i'll have that forecast coming up, too. lots of 60s on the weather map tonight. how nice is this? gaithersburg 63, martinsburg and hagerstown 65, dulles 68, monases down to 66 as well and to the north we're finding 50s for columbus, 54 binghamton, boston 54, new york city 54, chicago 58 degrees. we will fall into the 50s, martinsburg down to 49 degrees, alexandria 57 and frederick is going down to 50 degrees. so that will be chilly at the bus stop in the morning for the
10:50 pm
kids. we'll be clear and cool tonight, 58 in the district, still a little breeze. it will be back tomorrow, still have tight pressure gradient, big area of high pressure building in and low pressure departing to our north and east. that keeps the breezes kicked up and blows that dust around. sometimes you get a scratchy throat out of it, ragweed kicking up as well. it will be a mild breezy beautiful friday but at 9:00 in the morning 59 degrees, by noon up to 72 and by 4:00 75 degrees. satellite and radar, a few clouds to our north today. we begin to see the leading edge of what was remains from hermine, 10 to 15 inches of rain across many places in texas. dallas got 6 1/2 inches of rain yesterday. they had a couple tornadoes west of downtown as well. this little bit of moisture is trying to dry up, but it will get a boost through the weekend as the frontal system approaches and kind of enhances the moisture. we'll take you into the future and see what happens with hermine's rain because we do believe it will pay a bit of a
10:51 pm
visit to d.c. getting absorbed in the next frontal system but not friday or saturday. saturday at 6:00 perhaps a couple showers out to our west pausing this sunday, 6:00 in the morning, could be a rumble of thunder and and this is a pretty good amount of shower activity. i wouldn't call it the soaking that busts any kind of drought, but it will help. what happens by 3:00? it's out of here. we're drying up fedex field and it looks like things will look pretty good. so saturday 80 degrees, lots of sunshine. sunday a little wetter but they should clear out by later in the day. here's your five-day forecast. we get a little bit more humid saturday, too but you know what? we don't have any big heatwave on this and once we get the showers out of here sunday, which we desperately, we're back to some beautiful fall perfection for monday and tuesday. >> no complaints here. >> got to love that. all that noise, it's in support of the washington redskins. even amtrak trains as you can hear getting into the spirit of honk if you hate the cowboys
10:52 pm
day. didn't realize that. >> me neither. >> i'd have been laying on my horn. this is part of redskins kickoff week to celebrate the start of regular season football. the skins face off against dallas on sunday night at fedex field. with the season opener fast approaching it's time to kick off another year of know your opponent. >> in tonight's installment dave feldman quizzes one of the redskins preseason stars who happens to hale from the lone star state. >> every thursday we will quiz a redskin who has ties to the city that the redskins are playing that week. today's episode features wide receiver anthony armstrong in a little segment we like to call know your opponent. it's time for another exciting episode of know your opponent. now here's your host, dave feldman. >> know your opponent with anthony armstrong from carrollton, texas, right, just outside of dallas? >> yes. >> reporter: these are questions about the cowboys and
10:53 pm
texas. question one, the nation's first convenience chain started in dallas in 1992. it's now in 18 countries. >> 7-eleven. >> reporter: correct. you knew it was from dallas, nice job. question two, if you were hungry, you could stop at any of these following texas cities, all are real texas cities exempt one, bacon, texas -- exempt one, bacon, texas -- except one, bacon, texas, cereal texas and noodle texas. >> i'm going with bacon. >> reporter: no. it's cereal, texas. question three, tony romo's girl friend, former girl friend, jessica simpson, played what character in the movie dukes of hazard? >> daisy duke. >> reporter: i thought that might be too old for you. you remember that. you are from carrollton, texas. which one of your teammates is not from texas? all of these people are from texas except for one, brian
10:54 pm
orakpo, derek dockery, malcomb kelly or donovan mcnabb. >> donovan mcnabb. >> reporter: correct. he's from chicago. you've gown gunn 3-4. what texas team -- gone 3-4. what texas team has a rule no drinking, no smoking, no chewing in uniform. a missed practice means no home game and two missed suspension of a game. the clue is there's no taking the of the players of the actual dallas cowboys. >> that's the dallas cowboys cheerleaders. >> reporter: that is correct. you want with 4-5, pretty good. >> i'll take it. >> reporter: thanks for playing know your opponent. >> thank you. >> who knew the dallas cowboy cheerleaders were referred to as the d.c.c. that's inside, i guess. >> in d.c. it sounds like something else. >> right. quiz for you guys, which one of these people is not from texas? woody haralson, renee zellweger, sandra bullock or
10:55 pm
owen wilson? >> sandra bullock. >> that's correct. washington and lehigh school. >> but she spent so much time in austin, texas. >> that's why i put it there to trick you, but evans is smart. >> i'm on it. >> you're smart, too. >> thanks a lot. >> one on-1. >> thanks, brother. hollywood takes on cancer, we're taking you behind the scene of a standup for cancer telethon next. today's five-day forecast is brought to you by your local dodge, jeep and chrysler dealers. ♪
10:56 pm
♪ [ female announcer ] bursting with mouth-watering real fruit and refreshingly blended with creamy, low-fat yogurt. mcdonald's new strawberry banana and wildberry smoothies are 100% pure sipping fun. the simple joy of real fruit smoothies. ♪
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10:58 pm
celebrities from all walks of life are banding together to take a dramatic stand against cancer and as fox's neat a vogel reports all the -- nita vogel reports, all the television networks including this one are lending their support. >> this is where the end of cancer begins. >> reporter: as for its third
10:59 pm
multi-format telecast stand up to cancer will once again raise awareness and millions using some of hollywood's biggest name to help get the message out. >> we stand up for everyone. >> we're super excited to be here with sony and the first year we had the peter collaboration, which is a big -- the extraordinary collaboration which is a big sign for us, fox, show time, discovery, and many, many websites are streaming the show. so we're doing something different. >> reporter: in the previous two broadcasts the stars helped raise nearly $200 million for cancer research and this year some fox talent will be participating. >> working the telephones, creating an awareness is pretty much what it's all about, a crippling disease and so many people in the world die from cancer every year. >> reporter: with an array of film, tv and music stars answering phones, getting people to

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